AffiliateWP – Custom Affiliate Slugs Nulled Free Download

Updated Lately to Version: 1.2

Last Updated: 2021-11-10

AffiliateWP – Custom Affiliate Slugs Nulled Download Now

AffiliateWP offers several distinct variants of affiliate URLs that can be used concurrently by the affiliates.

“This one step further, Custom Affiliate Slugs allows affiliates to create their own custom “slug. A slug is the portion of the referral URL where the username or ID of the affiliate will normally be present.
An affiliate can set a slug for a custom affiliate
An affiliate can set a slug for a custom affiliate

For eg, if the username of an affiliate is John and they have an affiliate ID of 123, they would be familiar with using any of the following referral URLs:

‘http:/‘ Ref=john’
‘http:/‘ ref=123
‘http:/’ means
‘http:/′ respectively’

In addition to the above variants, the affiliate can now use one of these referral URLs with a custom slug from mycustomslug123:

‘http:/‘ Mycustomslug123’ ref=
‘http:/’ respectively

Customized affiliate slugs may be more personal, more relevant to the business name of the affiliate, more relevant to the marketing activities of the affiliate, or completely random. Or if your affiliate has a WordPress username on your site that they want to keep private, they can configure a new custom slug that they can use for their affiliate links in a professional way.

The admin settings for the Custom Affiliate Slugs add-on
The admin settings for the add-on Custom Affiliate Slugs

Moreover, it is possible to allow the Auto-create Custom Slugs option. A custom slug will be created for your affiliates when activated, when:

An affiliate registers via the registration form for an affiliate
The ability to Auto Register New Users from Affiliates ⁇ Settings ⁇ Misc is allowed and a user is automatically registered as an affiliate
Via the Affiliates ⁇ Affiliates ⁇ Add New Screen, an affiliate is manually inserted

The created slug is based on rules specified in the settings of the add-on.
As an affiliate, using Custom Affiliate Slugs

“Affiliates can configure their custom slug from the Affiliate Area tab “Settings. They can also fully delete their custom slug, or alter it at any point.
Using Custom Affiliate Slugs as administrator of a site

For all affiliates, or only some, site admins may allow custom slugs. You may also alter or delete the custom affiliate slug from the “Edit Affiliate” admin tab. The custom slug can be optionally modified when adding a new affiliate. A new custom slug’ column will show the current custom slug of each affiliate while exporting a list of your affiliates.

You can allow the Show Custom Slug option in the Custom Affiliate Slug settings if your Default Referral Format is set to ID or Username, and the affiliate custom slug (if it has one) will be displayed on the Affiliate URLs tab of the Affiliate Area alongside the affiliate ID or username so that they can still use their ID or username.

A new Custom Affiliate Slug option will also appear when you instal and trigger Custom Affiliate Slugs in the Default Referral Format select menu in the Affiliates ⁇ Settings ⁇ General tab. This enables you, rather than the ID or username, to show an associate their referral URL with their custom slug. With their custom slug, the affiliate will also be able to create a referral URL using the URL generator (their ID or username will not be visible).
Example use-cases for examples

Here are several ways this extremely valuable add-on can be used by you and your affiliates:

Set the name of the affiliate to a custom slug, i.e. http:/ Ref=JohnJacobSmith
Set their company name to a custom slug, i.e. http:/ Ref=MyUndertakingName
Per monthly promotion, set a custom slug, i.e. http:/ Ref= May2016 JohnSmithMay
Set per sale, i.e. http:/, a custom slug
Set a random slug that is custom, i.e. http:/

(Note that the referral variable can be modified from the default ‘ref’-here’s how.)
Features for Add-on

When logged into the Affiliate Region, allow all affiliates to build their own custom slugs.
Enable only those partners to make their own custom slugs.
Generate custom slugs automatically for new affiliates who register.
Set the maximum number of characters for custom slugs that auto-create
Generate auto-created custom alphanumeric or alphabetic slugs
Modify or fully delete an affiliate’s current custom slug from the Affiliate Edit screen
Set a custom slug when a new affiliate is manually added
Using Nice or Non-Nice Affiliate Referral URLs
No double slugs-the same slug would not have two affiliates
Custom slugs can be updated at any time-when one is changed, if they try to modify theirs, it is released for other affiliates to take.
The custom slug needs to be entered twice to validate whether the affiliate wants to adjust it while changing a slug.
Using custom slugs with the affiliate campaign feature

Offer your affiliates with the add-on Custom Affiliate Slugs more power of the URLs they share with their audience!

AffiliateWP – Custom Affiliate Slugs Free Download

Current Version: 1.2

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