HostCluster WHMCS Server & Hosting Theme Nulled Free Download

Updated Lately to Version: 2.2

Last Updated: 2022-10-29

HostCluster WHMCS Server & Hosting Theme Nulled Download Now

HostCluster is a WordPress hosting theme and is one of our most valuable company themes associated with servers. We have agreed that HostCluster will represent your entire hosting company. It has more than 10 demos, and each of them focuses on a specific part of the business of hosting the server. HostCluster can be tagged as a sophisticated network capable of several activities in the hosting area that take place. HostCluster is the right tool you should add to your business identity if you need a theme to keep your company secure and do the hard work for you.
Avoid thinking of the laborious process that lies behind the entire process of hosting or domain acquisition. HostCluster comes fitted with the WHMCS plugin so that the entire core process of your company can be digitalized. In this theme, we included the WHMCS Bridge plugin to provide any customer who comes to your website with a server, hosting purpose, with a consistent and unique user experience.
Any of this plugin’s main features will make it simpler for you. With permalinks, SEO names, Custom models, Improved Visual Integration, Single Sign-On, Multi-lingual support for WHMCS, Shortcodes and more, WHMCS comes with a caching feature. Your customers can add comments on your blog posts, share details with friends and order custom hosting plans because of the pro edition of the WHMCS Bridge Pro plugin. More than that, using this plugin, your clients can pay their bills.
You can make an important feature available that HostCluster can deliver right from the top of the main home page. There are complex functionalities of the domain name checker. When your clients click on google, they will be redirected to a “Register Domain” tab. This website is easy to use, and you can connect your customers directly from this page to your cart. The price for the domain they have searched for can also be seen.
You should show a Hosting Solutions block on the main homepage, so that customers can have a first glimpse of what services you can deliver and at what rates. We have planned the services to be arranged in bundles in this section, and your clients can only choose to read more detail about them.
You can add more information about your unique hosting services to the server in the next section. Data Transfer, Firewall, Cloud Backup, DDoS Protection or Data Security, for example. Any of these can be altered to suit your needs.
Your customers will see an interactive map heading further into the page that will immediately reveal some pop-ups full of information about your server locations.
We’ve mentioned before that HostCluster is a really complex, GoDaddy or Namecheap-like server hosting theme, and you can now have a section to show some packages for any firewall service you have. You can customize plans for any client, and from simple or easy hosting packages or business plans for convincing customers, you can create pricing plans for any budget.
Having a testimonial section was mandatory, so your brand can be easily recommended to other potential customers in the hosting business climate.
You may add a section at the end of the main homepage where you can view your collaborators or previous clients or ventures.
You can find a segment called ‘DOMAINS’ on the main menu. We felt we wanted to add the domain checker to the main menu for higher efficiency. For this one, however, we made a separate tab. You can see a section of Commonly Asked Questions on this page following the key features of the checker. We attempted to make it as easy as possible in this field of operation. You have a live support chat with HostCluster, but we wanted to incorporate as much data as we could so that your customers could have the best user experience.
As we said before, user experience is critical when it comes to a company that provides server hosting. The HOSTING menu section allows you to provide your services with information, but this time with a dedicated page for each other. For instance, 4 hosting services have been added, such as: “Dedicated Servers,” “Shared Hosting,” “VPS Hosting,” “WordPress Hosting.” Through these pages, your customers will connect and get a meaty piece of data about each hosting service. For any service, testimonials and more, you will see the pricing plans.
We wanted to give you even more. You may have your blog with HostCluster hosting the WordPress theme. You can still share your knowledge or useful information with any customer. Besides that, this is an easy and excellent way to increase your traffic. Your articles will attract many customers with some SEO optimization.
SERVICES -Services
We’re talking about the beautiful HostCluster part now, and why we’re so proud of the theme. We wanted more than just a WHMCS-based theme. We wanted to empower you to make your company personalized. You never know what thoughts you might have and how well they are capable of functioning. We did some GoDaddy and Namecheap testing, and we came up with a brilliant idea. We added the services menu portion. We agreed to incorporate Web Marketing, Email Marketing, Cloud Services or Network for Content Distribution. This page is personalized, of course. Even so, let’s take the example of email marketing. The most significant thing about this feature is that you will demonstrate to your clients the value of an email marketing campaign. Pricing packages can be shown and you can have a high quality service.
IT abilities shouldn’t go to waste. Have you had a genius stroke and discovered that website hosting is the future? If yes, ModelTheme has your back, then! If you are looking to move into hosting as an online company, our latest theme, HostCluster (WHMCS WordPress Theme), is perfect. The HostCluster functionality includes, but is not limited to:
WHMCS Bridge Plugin (provides caching, SEO names, visual integration, patch for IP address resolution, shortcodes,;
Possibility to buy domains (.com, .net, .org and the rest are easy, accessible and beautifully built so that this component is not missed by customers while browsing);
WP Page Builder, as easy as necessary;
Our Theme Panel has over 100 choices that you can choose from, not as limited as some, from the demo variants and we offer 5 versions that you can explore to your liking.
Without Pricing Tables, of course, a hosting website can not exist and we have already set up a few for you, which you can later configure yourself.
We also offer a modern, attractively built live chat feature, a sleek, large megamenu that does not clutter the theme room, but that can contain all the information you want when enabled.

HostCluster WHMCS Server & Hosting Theme Free Download

Current Version: 2.2

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