Interactive World Maps Nulled Free Download

Updated Lately to Version: 2.4.5

Last Updated: 2021-09-09

Interactive World Maps Nulled Download Now

This is a WordPress plugin imitating the development of such dense maps that you like, including interactive, colored markers, continents, countries or regions.
Completely adapted to WordPress v4.9 and Visual Composer, the latter manufacturer!
Display Many Regions
You want to lie in a location consistent with showing hundreds of unique types on maps, including:
A map of the whole planet.
A sub-continent yet a continent. (Africa, Europe, America, Asia, Oceania, then all sub-continents of their own)
Nation. (Virtually all countries are included in the ball, giving the nearly requested ones: USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, India, Australia…)
A nation divided with the support of its regions. *
A government inside the U.S.
Using metropolitan territories, the United States furcates.
A regime cloaked by urban areas in the United States.
Accumulate Color Regions or Labels
You can accumulate colored energy regions on the globe, but show them in 2 unique ways:
As regions, the complete region desires coloration, since, for example, a continent, a subcontinent, a country, a province of united states, but a US state.
In the chosen regions, as Markers-It purpose shows a colored bubble, so can lie a city, a ruler yet a country.
Introduce Interactivity
Interactivity is obtained in conjunction with the active regions:
A Tooltip- The purpose of a tooltip is shown by default to delay the facts you include.
An Action? Action? You accept various kinds of work so that the user clicks in a vibrant place. You execute an open modern URL, or display a message full. The pleasure of advanced users remains in a position to beget their personal Javascript features because of custom behavior
Customizable with
You are in a place to customize the graphics of your maps:
Color of background;
Stutterer-like box then color;
Color of Inactive Regions;
Person colors because and area is energetic;
Scale of Markers;
Chart width and height;
You can add maps anywhere on your website.
You can use a shortcode to imitate the maps between blogs, sites, and sidebar widgets as well! You also accumulate the maps after your template, along with a simple personal home page feature.
Responsive Behavior
If no cover is targeted, the most concealment accessible in the wicker tray div. will be filled. For example, because of telephones/ipads/laptops, the option still assigns Inure with extraordinary sizes. However, it does not want to resize the window under loaded trade volume agreement anymore.
The plugin has been an alternative since version 1.4 after the maps are fully sensitive. According to test agreement, the oxeye bulk modified this pleasure use jQuery and wish to redraw the chart along the new reachable room.
Cross-system yet compliant with browsers
Inside SVG, the maps are constructed, no bloom is back or he wishes Mac items to be shown.
Simple CSS Hacks committed
The Google Geochart API does not provide a lot of features to that amount by using default, but the plugin provides a ‘Custom CSS Generator’ in accordance with aid implement half services such as linger color alternate effect, implement font icons such as markers, exchange, among others, resembles color.

Where, depending on its use?
The following plugin is Faithful for:
Travel Websites-Create maps according to view locations or hyperlinks in conjunction with pages that touch a particular location
Traveler Website-Display a map of visited destinations/countries
Multinationals-Create maps of the cities/countries in which they work
Small Companies-Show the proximity to a commercial company. The s .s. a . A chart
NGO’s-Create maps of global NGO initiatives
Infographics-Simple view along a range of data in compliance with read maps
And a terrible lot of sordid extra applications! Be revolutionary!

Interactive World Maps Free Download

Current Version: 2.4.5

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