MyHome Real Estate WordPress Theme Nulled Free Download

Updated Lately to Version: 3.1.65

Last Updated: 2022-10-20

MyHome Real Estate WordPress Theme Nulled Download Now

WordPress Theme for Real Estate with Optional IDX BrokerTM Integration (MLS Integration)
MyHome is a premium WordPress theme for real estate that you can use to create beautiful and intuitive websites for real estate that your clients would love to use. MyHome is versatile and creative, requiring no advanced knowledge of coding, making it simple for you to develop sleek, user-friendly websites.
We’ve spent thousands of hours learning the core functions; MyHome has everything you need to operate a successful real estate company, whether you’re creating a website for a single agent or a full agency. We’re so sure you’re going to love our theme, that we’re going to give you a free 14-day trial.
Features The Features
Single Click Import- It is easy to create your website with access to six personalized samples, 14 homepages and a wide range of ready-to-use pre-set pages. MyHome provides a diverse library of photographs and videos that are available at no additional cost for your use.
Globally Adaptable – Translate text into any language, change currencies and switch between the imperial and metric system. MyHome is compatible with RTL. Free partial translation files for such languages: English, French, ⁇ (hindī), Polish, Italian, Deutsch, блercapcи.
With our handy drag and drop framework, Intuitive Web Builder-Build pages. MyHome has 18 more drag and drop modules than one of the leading WordPress plugins on the market, the WPBakery Page Creator. Each module is designed specifically to work with MyHome and is not available anywhere.
Custom Fields-Each real estate company is different, and MyHome guarantees that default settings are never stuck with you. To make sure that your search engine meets the needs of your customers, create an infinite number of custom search fields.
Advanced Search Functionality-In the real estate industry, search forms are important, so we’ve spent hundreds of hours testing and refining the MyHome search feature. Outcome? A powerful and versatile search engine that can be personalized to meet the needs of your customers, enabling them to search for properties based on their unique requirements.
Instant Results-As you type, search results are changed, giving you potential choices and saving the hassle of numerous search entries for your guest. By offering a user experience that they can’t find anywhere else, attract customers and minimize the bounce rate.
Map Searches- With extra searching features, link Google Maps to your website. With Google Street View, it is completely dynamic and integrated.
Classic Searches: Create a classic search form that redirects visitors to a list of all your available assets on the dedicated page. Save some room on your homepage and show some other details about you, your company, testimonials or special offers you want customers to see.
Related Fields-Advanced search engines naturally give several fields of choice. Based on property type range, our smart search engine cuts out the excess, so your visitors need only fill in sections that are important to their requirements.
Need to connect your city field to your street field? Field Relationships To automatically filter your search choices, create an infinite number of relationships between search fields and create a quicker, more user-friendly experience.
MyHome automatically provides your users with suggestions as soon as they start typing in any search box to help them quickly locate what they need. Keyword Autocomplete
Saved Searches-No one has the time every day to trawl through search results. Saved searches cause an email notification whenever properties appear on your MyHome website that meet the requirements of your customers.
Sliders-Fully integrated sliders of properties give you the ability on every page to feature your most spectacular properties. Highlight properties from your customers who deserve a little more attention. Eight MyHome-exclusive intro sliders, in addition.
Flexible Property Page-To make your property page look fantastic, use galleries or full-width sliders. Adjust the order of the parts of a single house, configure the sidebar and contact types. Disable the modules that you don’t need with just a single press. Our powerful pricing module allows you to assign several price points, such as price ranges or rental vs. selling, to one property at the same time.
Property Videos: A photo is worth a thousand words, and the best of both worlds is given by video! Including links to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or upload a .mp4 file to automatically create sensitive images.
Virtual Tour property: Add an iFrame or embed code from any tour provider to show a Virtual Tour.
Property Attachments-Upload any additional files, such as Word documents, PDFs or image files, that your clients may need.
Property Plans-To save room for other information on your property websites, upload property plans and show them in the picture accordion.
Sticky sidebar-Make your contact form and user profile more accessible by sticking it to one side of the screen so that as soon as they see a property that piques their interest, your users can quickly contact you.
Related Properties-Show related properties on each property page based on the parameters of any text field you select, such as offer or form of property.
Nearby properties: add a map to the pages of your property that shows other neighborhood properties. To optimize page clicks and increase the number of leads, choose the size of the search radius on your admin panel.
Favorite Properties: Allow users to add any property to a list of favorite properties so that at a later date they can easily locate it. A favorite choice allows users to sign up for your website, raising the possibility of a sale and increasing the value of your website.
Compare Properties – Users can concurrently compare an infinite number of properties. Differences would be apparent at a glance between property fields, position and price, relieving users of the inconvenience of jumping between browser windows to compare possible purchases.
Icon Integration- Text is easy, but on your website it can take up a lot of space. Use your property cards or page icons to signify the number of beds and bathrooms, save space, and streamline the experience of browsing. MyHome offers a special set for the use of integrated Real Estate icons and fonts.
Comment Support: User involvement and customer support are key elements of any online experience. To find out what users want to tell you, allow comments on the property page.
Improve the flow of your website and make it easier for customers to visit your site for longer. Breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs make your paths more accessible and encourage your clients without having to re-enter their search parameters to jump back to their original search criteria.
User Roles- The users need various levels of access from agents to customers to perform different tasks. Set up and configure user roles according to the structure of your company. The access level is up to you. Including user roles: Agent, Department, Buyer and Super Agent.
Social Authentication-Allow users to build an account via their current social media, turning a time-consuming task into a fast and easy operation. Integration with Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and LinkedIn is possible.
Captcha-It is more critical than ever to defend your website from spam and scammers as bots and AI become more and more sophisticated. Google reCAPTCHA, protecting your consumers and your brand, prevents spam content from getting through.
Email Alerts-Get updates on your website without logging in; when a new user registers on your site, or when a third party submits a property for moderation, email notifications will warn you.
User Moderation: by tracking new users and authorizing access permissions, maintain total control of your website. You will prevent untrained workers from making unapproved changes and avoid any disasters by requiring manual approval for all fully-fledged agents.
Custom User Fields According to user specifications, add new fields. In all user accounts, and on all user cards and carousels, new fields will automatically appear.
Terms of Service-Prior to registration, this checkbox allows users to accept your terms of service, rendering you compliant with GDPR and all other data regulations.
Flexible Submission Form for Property: Alter the order of the fields on the submission form for property. Add the appropriate fields, set the maximum number and size of images in the gallery, and create multiple and single fields of choice.
Property Moderation-Can the website be applied by unknown third parties to properties? The moderation feature of MyHome allows you to accept or dismiss these entries before they go live, giving you total control.
Step-by-Step Submission Process-Customize the submission process of your property and cut large forms into smaller parts that are easy to digest. New users are scared away by lengthy and unnecessarily complex processes; quick forms are an easy way to increase your conversion rate and keep customers.
Pre-Registration Property Submission-Allowing new clients to complete the property submission form before they file makes it more likely that the registration process will be completed. Nobody wants to abandon a half-finished job or feel like they have lost time; registration after submission of property allows potential prospective clients to hang around.
Add Addresses Via Map – When choose a position on your submit property form, those property fields will be auto-fill based on Google Maps, saving you or your customers the hassle of looking up zip codes and street names.
Monetize Your Website-You can turn your website into a source of income with memberships and bundles.
Payment Methods- Provide a broad range of payment methods to your customers. The WooCommerce Payment Gateways integration with MyHome opens the door to a variety of ways to pay. PayPal/Direct/Stripe

MyHome Real Estate WordPress Theme Free Download

Current Version: 3.1.65

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