Youzify Buddypress Moderation Nulled Free Download

Updated Lately to Version: 2.0.0

Last Updated: 2021-09-07

Youzify Buddypress Moderation Nulled Download Now

Moderating your online community is not an option — it’s a must. Meet the most complete BuddyPress Moderation solution with advanced features to take full control over your community and keep it safe with automatic moderation features and restrictions and more…

BuddyPress Moderation plugin is compatible with Youzify, BuddyPress Nouveau Theme, BuddyPress Legacy Theme, BuddyBoss Theme, and BuddyBoss Plugin.


Ps: Components means the following elements: Members, Activities, Comments, Messages, Groups.

Moderation Components: Members, Activities, Comments, Messages, Groups.

Set What Roles Can Report Items.

Set What Roles Can Moderate Reports.

Block Specific Members from Reporting Items.

Allow Visitors to Report Elements.

Enable / Disable Reports By BuddyPress Components.

Set Unlimited Custom Reports Subjects By BuddyPress Components.

Example: Sexually Inappropriate, Misleading Or Scam, Misleading Or Scam, Hate Speech, Violence, and more…

Enable / Disable Automatic Moderation By BuddyPress Components.

Set Reports Threshold For Automatic Moderation By BuddyPress Components.

Example: When a comment is being reported more than 5 times it will be hidden from the site until it’s reviewed by a moderator.

Set Temporary Threshold Restrictions on items that reach a certain By BuddyPress components.

Example: When an item reaches the threshold ( Certain Number of Reports ) you can choose which elements you want to hide until you review the reported item. like disable the ability to add new posts, comments, friends, private messages, and more…

Set Official Restrictions Period By BuddyPress Components.

Set Official Restrictions By BuddyPress Components.

Example: When a user posted something and the users reported that item and when it’s reviewed you found it against your community guidelines, you can punish him by restricting the posting feature and other features for 2 months or any other period you want.

Enables / Disable & Customize Emails Notifications for the following cases :

Notify admin when a new report is added.

Notify admin when a new item is hidden ( Reach The Threshold ).

Notify users when their item is hidden.

Notify users when their hidden item is restored.

Notify reporters when their reported item is restored.

Notify users when their item is deleted after review.

Notify reporters when their reported item is deleted.

Notify users when a temporary restriction is applied to their accounts.

Notify users when an official restriction is applied to their accounts.

Enable / Disable Restrictions Elements By BuddyPress Components:

Activity Posts

Activity Comments




Private Messages


2 Moderation Tables:

Members Reports Table.

Members Restrictions Table.

Moderation Queue – Reported Items Actions:

View Item: This button will take you to the page of the item.

Close Report: this button appears for the items that are not hidden from their reporter only.

Restore Item: This button appears for the items that are hidden from the whole site and once you click it the hidden item will be visible again and if there are any restrictions on the user they will be removed.

Delete Item: Delete the reported item permanently from the site.

Delete Item & Punish Author: Delete the reported item permanently from the site and apply the related component restrictions.

Mark Author As Spammer: This button will prevent the user from logging again to his account and it will hide his profile and all his posts, comments from the site.

Mark Author As Not Spammer: This button will disable the account spammer status and it will be back to work normally as it was before.

Moderation Queue – Bulk Actions ( Process Same Action on Multiple Items at once ) :

Delete Items, Restore items, Close Reports, Delete Items & Punish, Mark, Authors As Spammers, Mark Author As Not Spammers.

Moderation Queue –  Filters :

All, Activities, Comments, Groups, Messages, Members, Closed Reports, Get Specific User Reports, Get Specific User Reported Items.

Youzify Buddypress Moderation Free Download

Current Version: 2.0.0

What are nulled items and why Youzify Buddypress Moderation Nulled is the right choice?

All “Nulled” means is that the item is preactivated and ready to be used upon installation (License notices, if present, can simply be ignored). License keys are only required for the original author support (which is of course not included).

All items advertized on our site are 100% safe, tested and verified by 3 different anti virus and anti malware programs.

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